Este grupo esta creado con la intencion de mejorar nuestra relacion con ALLAH y adherirnos alos modales del profeta muahammd y estar con buenas hermanas en comunidad ,ayudarnos a hacercarnos a ALLAH y recordarnos las buenas acciones.
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 May Allah swt...

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Femenino Cantidad de envíos : 102
Localización : Kino,Sonora
Fecha de inscripción : 11/11/2008

MensajeTema: May Allah swt...   Jue Dic 18, 2008 1:40 pm

May Allah Subhana Wa Ta Alaa unify us all Muslims in Jannah in the Shade of Mercy of our Allah and May Allah make us drink by the blessed Hands of our Blessed and Truely Inspired Messenger of Allah from the Fountain of Kawthar.
May Allah accept our little deeds and grant us Salavation and Freedom from the Punishment of our Graves and Resserect us from among those who will be at Peace and who will receive the Gladtidings of Paradise at the Time of Death and at the Time of Resserection.
May Allah teach us the Prayers which Pleases Him.
May Allah make us the Bearers of Truth.
May Allah make us to stand for the Mission and Message of Our Prophets Aleyhi Salam.
May Allah make us to Strive against Evil and Struggle for all what is Good .
May Allah make us to establish our Goverments based on Justice and Truthfulness.
May Allah make us fulfill our Reason of Creation
May Allah make us acheive our Objectives of Life according to the Teachings of Word of Allah Holy Quran and the Teachings ,Actions,Sayings and Deeds of our Prophetic Sunnah.
May Allah make us among those who Love Allah and who are Loved by Allah.
May Allah put the Love of Our Prophets in Our Hearts and May Allah fill the Heart of our Prophets with Love for all of us.
May Allah make us to follow in the Footsteps of our Prophet Sallallahu Aleyhi Wassalam in word, in deed and in truth.
May Allah make us to Invoke Allah for His Mercy and for All what is Good in the Sight of Allah for this World and for our Hereafter.
May Allah make us among those Fortunate Ones who will Enter the Jannatul Firdous where our Prophet SAW will be for Eternity.
May Allah open all the Doors of Mercy and the Doors of Paradise for all of us.
May Allah make Righteous Good deeds Easy for us to perform
May Allah close the Doors of all sorts of Evil Deeds for us and make it most Difficult for us to access them and to do them.
May Allah protect us from the deception of this world, whispers of our own self and from the Temptations of the Cursed Satan the enemy of our Father Adam and his children.
May Allah save us , our families and our Muslim Brothern and guide those who happened to be born in the homes of Jews ,Christians, Idolators and Atheists to Islam and open their Hearts and make them be able to Grasp the True and Simple Message of Islam and make them to accept the Invitation of thier God to Heaven by accepting Islam and shunning all sorts of Polytheism.
May Allah expose the diviant thoughts of those who are misleading people from the Path of Monotheism and hijacking people to the path of distractions .
May Allah make us to call people to Path of Allah , the Only True One Most Exalted Most Invincible Lord of Honour without who there is no one worthy to be invoked and worshipped.
May Allah correct our Faith and Beleif before we leave this world
May Allah Welcome Us when We Meet Him on the Day of Meeting with Greeting of Peace and Honour.
Aameen!!! Aameen!!! Aameen!!! Our Lord Let our Confidence in Your Love and In your Forgiveness never leave our hearts.
Wassalaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmat Ullah Wa Barakaatuh

Allahuma inni as-saluka ilman nafian wa rizqan taiban, wa amalan mutaqabbalan.
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May Allah swt...
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